71st Golden Globe Nominees

70th Golden Globes

70th Golden Globes

The 71st Annual Golden Globes are on NBC this Sunday at 8pm ET! You can see the list of nominees on the Gold Globes website here.  Who do you think should win? What were some of your favorite movies from this year?


Top Holiday Movies

top 20 christmas movies

top 20 christmas movies

Get in the spirit of the season with the Top 20 Christmas Movies! AMCTV.com has put together a list of the classics, new and old. Have you seen them all? Which ones do you plan on watching?

1 – A Charlie Brown Christmas

2 – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

3 – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

4 – Home Alone

5 – It’s a Wonderful Life

6 – Frosty the Snowman

7 – Elf

8 – Miracle on 34th Street

9 – A Christmas Story

10 – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

11 – White Christmas

12 – A Christmas Carol

13 – The Santa Clause

14 – Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

15 – Holiday Inn

16 – Scrooged

17 – The Muppet Christmas Carol

18 – Christmas in Connecticut

19 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

20 – Bad Santa

Tech Gifts For The Holiday Season

Rabbit TV review

Rabbit TV

Rabbit TV was featured on The Fashion Spot as a “Fashionable Tech Gift for the Holidays”.  They found it to be a great item to use while traveling during the holidays and added it to their list among headphones, cameras, watches and more!

Family TV Night Bonding

Family TV Night

Family TV Night

A lot of times, TV is given a negative connotation, but with this article, it shows how it can actually be a positive influence on your family if that’s what you’re looking. All your family sitting on the couch cuddling, eating a snack and bonding over a loved TV show sounds nice to us! With Rabbit TV, you’re family has endless options on what they want to watch. Make it a priority this fall season to bond with your family!

Your Chance To Win 50K Everyday!

rabbit tv contest

rabbit tv contest

Rabbit TV has just announced ‘Watch & Play for the Chance to Win $50K Every Day!’ The promotion which is contained within Rabbit TV’s eMedia guide, will reward loyal subscribers with a TV/Movie trivia puzzles that provide a daily chance to win $50,000 cash. Login to your Rabbit TV to learn more!