Rabbit TV Customer Support

how to use rabbit tv

Rabbit TV has a special support site for members where they have access to various how-to videos including setting up, logging in, getting started, etc.  They can also find out how to use their Rabbit TV and how to install it on various computer operating systems.  Support.RabbitTV.com also features 24 hour live customer service where members can get immediate assistance when they need it.

 If you have yet to order your Rabbit TV and have some questions, please visit the FAQ’s section of RabbitTV.com where you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this internet TV device!


38 thoughts on “Rabbit TV Customer Support

  1. Will this device work direct on a big screen tv with usb port & connected to the net?
    I think I wasted my money on a 30ft DVI to HDMI cable to use between the tv & the pc

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  3. As far as I know, Rabbit TV will work on wi-fi. I have wi-fi thru my local cable company in Columbia Missouri. Just got Rabbit TV on June 2, 2013 and it was easy to install on my Windows 7 lap top. Haven’t tried using Rabbit TV outside in either my front yard or back yard. But my wi-fi works both of those places.So I’m sure that Rabbit TV will work as well.

  4. Do you have to leave your rabbit plugged in when watching..?? Or do you need it to just download the product..??

  5. I’m new when it comes to computer’s. How fast does my internet service is slow, running around 1.5 (Mbps), I believe I got those letters right. I am using a Clear Internet USB stick will I be able to use the Rabbit on my T.V. ?

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